At CardinalStone, we believe that the quality of our people is the single most important determinant of our ability to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

As such, we seek to bring in a diverse team of professionals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to intellectual vigour and professional excellence in their respective areas of focus through the course of their academic and professional lives

We work together as a team

Team CardinalStone is a tight-knit group, working together towards our common goal. Every day brings new challenges, and every day we work together to meet and surpass them.

The bond we form working together ensures that we always look out for one another. We also have plenty of fun together: TGIF, retreats, birthdays, parties, movies, lunches, and a lot of laughing.

We derive strength from our diversity

CardinalStone is an equal opportunity employer and we depend on our diversity to drive innovation across all parts of our business.

The people who make up CardinalStone’s team have diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives but with one thing in common – the desire to build a world class Investment Banking firm of African origin.

We are building a brand that will last

We’re working to build something meaningful and lasting. At CardinalStone, we try to approach everything we do thoughtfully and with a long-term mentality.

We are all excited about the journey so far and what is to come.


Ayoola Adeola

CardinalStone has created a world of opportunities for me more than what I imagined when I interviewed for the firm so many years ago. And today when I look back, I am very grateful to CardinalStone

Robert Awodu

I have grown in leaps and bounds since I joined CardinalStone. The increasing responsibilities that I am given play to my strengths and this allows me to continue to have a positive impact on the organisation

Charles Nwani

Coming to work every day, I am excited by the vibrancy and the opportunity to see my ideas come to life. Often, you hear people say my generation is the future of tomorrow but that tomorrow never seems to come but at CardinalStone, that tomorrow appears to be today.

Oluwaseyi Adedeji

I chose to join CardinalStone because of several reasons and top of the list was the respect and professionalism I got during the recruitment process. And since I have been here, the respect cuts across every area of the firm and it is clear for everyone to see

Khalil Woli

A lot of things excite me about coming to work every day and one of which is the fact that I am challenged to come out of my comfort zone. I can honestly say that I am learning and growing with each passing day.

Ebere Nwankwo

I started my professional career in CardinalStone and the ambition which the firm has shown over the years is the reason I have stayed this long. Every day, you are challenged to give your best and then rewarded equally for going the extra mile.

Chinenye Eka

Every time I look around me, I see a group of young and audacious people who go above and beyond to deliver on our promise to clients. Everybody supporting each other with the true spirit of collaboration. I like being a part of these amazing team