Nigeria's 2019 Politics Outlook

Nigeria’s 2019 Politics Outlook

Ahead of the polls – Uncertainty still the major theme It is another election year in Nigeria and uncertainty resonates across the entire political climate. There are seventy-three candidates, according to Independent National Electoral Commission… Read More »

nigeria politics 2018

Nigeria – Politics Update

Primaries concluded, stage set for electioneering In our previous report “Navigating the Tide”, we highlighted that the 2019 general elections look set to be one of the most tightly contested since the return to democratic… Read More »

Stocks, Bonds and Treasury Bills

Stocks, Bonds and Treasury Bills

A “Stock” is a capital market instrument that represents an ownership stake in a company. They are also called “Shares” and “Equity”. Stocks are issued to the public via Initial Public Offerings or Public Offers… Read More »

Buildiing an investment portfolio

Building An Investment Portfolio

Investing part of your earnings is an excellent decision and now that you have made that decision, this article will shed some light on what considerations you should make while deciding how exactly those investment… Read More »