CardinalStone is an independent, multi-asset investment management firm offering an assortment of financial services to a diverse institutional, high net worth and retail clientele base. The company began operations in June 2008 and its business is conducted across six divisions – Investment Banking, Asset Management, Securities Trading, Trust Services, Registrar Services and Financing.

Headquartered in Lagos with offices in Abuja, Nigeria, the firm and its licensed subsidiaries diligently works with its clients to create bespoke solutions for their needs. 


Our Vision

To build a world class investment banking firm of African origin.

Our Mission

To position ourselves as the most trusted long-term advisor & financier to our target clients.

Our Culture Elements


We only promise what we can deliver, and deliver what we promise.


We act as owners and always hold each other accountable .


We encourage and celebrate excellence, and challenge the ordinary.


We invest in our people.


We always treat everyone with courtesy and dignity.

Dynamic Careers

We create opportunities for our people to have dynamic careers


We strive to maintain the highest standards in all we do.

One Firm

We all work together towards our common goal.

Our Core Values