Structured Investment Plan
The SIP is a product designed to encourage investors to make disciplined regular investments towards future goals. There are five plans, which have been carefully designed to suit a broad spectrum of investors ranging from aggressive to conservative/risk averse investors and even those with ethical concerns.

Key Features

  • Diversified Portfolio: The SIPs offer investors an opportunity to achieve competitive long term returns while spreading their risks by investing in a diversified portfolio of investments that may not otherwise have been available to individual investors. Based on a firm understanding of an investor’s objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon, we are able to offer 5 (Five) different plans

  • Liquidity: The SIPs allow investors to invest and withdraw at anytime and withdrawals are usually processed within 5 business days of the Plan Manager’s receipt of a withdrawal request from an investor. However, a 1% handling charge is payable on amounts withdrawn within the first three months of investing; thereafter, no charges will be applicable on withdrawals

  • Expertise: a dedicated team of experienced investment professionals manage each Plan.

    • Minimum initial investment: N100,000
    • Subsequent investments: N50,000

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