At CardinalStone Research, our mission is to provide our clients with in-depth analyses of the domestic economy, financial markets and securities in order to identify investment opportunities that will help to unlock the kind of value they desire from their investments. We pride ourselves in the fact that not only do we serve our clients with deep market insights and investment propositions, but that we also originate strategies around identified investment opportunities to ensure that such opportunities are optimized for the benefit of our clients. The realisation of this single objective is what feeds our satisfaction at CardinalStone Research.

Our research follows a fundamental approach - top-down, bottom-up analyses. We analyse the economies, industries, companies, and securities to formulate investment themes which are capable of delivering value to our clients. We also believe that trends can be your friend if carefully interpreted. As a result, we study the markets and evolution of securities' prices to identify formation of trends, and more importantly the trading opportunities created in the process.

Our cutting-edge research faculty derives its strength from our team of research professionals who have developed strong expertise in company and business model analysis, valuation, global thinking, and customized client service. The technical prowess of the faculty is complemented by an environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, thought leadership, dignity, and respect.

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Market Update
as @ Friday, July 21, 2017
African Markets Index Performance
Index Daily Chg (%) QTD(%) YTD(%)
NSEASI 3.20 2.21 -9.69
FTSE/JSE All-Share -1.97 -1.55 +2.40
EGX 30 -3.11 +4.97 +7.50
Nairobi 20-Share Index -0.84 -1.12 -2.86
GSE Comp Index -0.18 -3.94 -4.63
NSEASI -0.65 -0.94 -0.67
CSP NSE Sector Indexes
Index Daily Chg (%) QTD(%) YTD(%)
CSP Financial Services +1.37 -19.56 -4.39
CSP Industrial Goods +1.51 -1.08 -5.02
CSP Consumer Goods +1.71 +8.51 -10.33
CSP Oil and Gas +1.00 -4.99 -6.36
CSP Large 30 +1.53 +6.04 -6.80
CSP Active 30 +0.79 +3.00 -5.14
CSP Conglomerates -2.40 +6.37 -11.85
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